Monday, August 31, 2009

Its fucking august & I'm wearing a sweater, a cute one but a sweater !?
fall is coming to darn quick ! Ugh

A moment at peace .
Diana Vee. / dipped in sauce I floss

Anger problems !
Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fuck the depression shit , yup that's left the door now I'm feeling like
I need to punch every single human being that crosses my way in the
upmost out of line disrespect. Its like all the people who've said one
negative shit about me should come see me & hear about them selfs cause
I've had it. Here I am with a major headache & ready to trip the next
piece of dick that steps to me with nonsense. Normally I'm not like this
but I'm in titled to my bad days. I love the poisitive souls I call my
friends & followers on blogspot & just anyone who's frankly been REAL I
like real people/ REALEST rules. One thing runied my whole day no doubt.
Fakes, haters, wannabe, hypebeast, whoever broke my heart, liers, people
who use "I love you" as a way to keep someone(ahem like keep me) well
this negative post is for you. PEACE
Diana Vee. / dipped in sauce I floss

That's what she said .
Thursday, August 27, 2009

Its 4 am & here I am just having the deepest emotional conversation in
awhile(tho I've been having these for a couple of weeks ) with my best
friend more like a sis mariah. One thing I love about her is that she
tells it like it is & she's one to say "truth hurts", she's pointed out
to me that I should move out this slump I've been in & just focus on me
& how to better myself & acheieve my goals *ahem* advice I also gave in
my blog "break-up tales" & damn if I give out the same advice I should
know to follow it right? But that's not the case, I'm just lost. I have
to admit I don't have the greatest confidence in the world & believe me
I'm trying to work on that but its super hard & espacially when everyone
thinks I hold myself together its like why show them my weakness. My bff
gave it to me str8 & that's why I love my bitch, she explained how hes
not gonna get me far through life & playing the guessingg love game is
getting pretty fuucking old, tho he says he loves me & always says but
never shows. YES I do feel like this is a big block on me, love has
taken over & broke me down & builded up this wall I'm trying to break
down. He blocked me frm really dedicating myself to my goals, & instead
of gaining confidence I've lost everything I known & now I'm a big ball
of insecurities & doubts which I'm trying to cut loose, also frm new
lovers in my life & not just this disfunctional, back & fourth, break-up
to make-up, hot mess, no good, no trust, relationship with an old love
which is the MAIN reason I feel I have low-self esteem. "be around
positive people who believe in you & your talent, cause you have major
talent so don't ever doubt it"-Mariah . I need to start believing in my
talents, me in gerenal, & believe that I can find WAY better because
honestly anything is better then what I have & deserve "tho the love is
strong, its too much to handle"-Diana V. / blahhh emotional blog entry.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brown paper bag with a twist of channel oooooolala ;)

She's got style

Sent from my iPod

Art speaks to me .
Friday, August 21, 2009

Check out this rihanna pic I drew up on a gloomy day . This pic took me about 2hrs & i know i have to put some color in it but im just not feeling it with all of that idk maybe one day , ill update. Damn after so many years that ive given up drawing i still got it, my touch still hasnt past. if i had a scanner i would put up the pic i did in 2nd grade drawing i did & got put in the jersey city museum whats the climax you say lol it was just a fish and pokadots haha, but hey they saw something speical about it & who am i to kill the hype. lol

Down in the dumps
Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I've been depressed this whole week, & frankly I'm pretty pissed that I
have to hide my depression from the world I've had a smile on the whole
time when the sad part of it all is it was all fake. The thing that
sucks is I really don't know who to point fingers at or what , one day
I'm sad ova love then the next I'm mad at myself, my family, rarely
friends cause I feel I'm alone in this heartless world. So the only
route I know to take is blaming lil ol' me on everything , its like I'm
mad at myself for everything like me not pushing my self away from
heartbreak & not listening . Also I wanna do something with my life &
when I'm being lazy or going out like crazy I'm trying to find time for
my career tho I'm just a teenager I think big & the only way to grasp my
dreams is to do something ! Not just sit around hoping ill just get what
I want like BAM, cause life isn't like that. The term coldest bitch , I
understand now cause I'm freezing in mid summer brrrr. Boys & there
childish anticts on how love is just piss me off , one thing I've
concluded is guys are afriad to love point blank so they settle for lust
when love is staring them right in there face. I'm just trying to find
ways to leaving you behind , Cause I'm tired of always glancing back for
a couple & then I'm caught in the spell youve cast. I'm tring to find
some fairy dust to quit your shit word up - my tuff talk .

Diana Vee. / dipped in sauce I floss

the game
Thursday, August 13, 2009

"I'm an independent bitch, with lots of guy friends who let me in on the ropes on how to capture a females heart or just get in her pants so spear me the game playa playa cause i know the game"-Diana V.

hella shit with"love and bullshit"

This past week has been just pure agony for me . life just brings me to this shit called thinking lol and like i hate stressing about things that i shouldnt really be stressing about. I've been through the up's and downs of emotion levels i swear one min. im mad,sad,happy,idk,w.e. idc kinda moods but thats cause i dont know how to handle shit that is hella confusing and hella bad for me. Sometimes the past should stay the past & thats what this week has been proving to me tho i wished otherwise. i really dont wanna get involved with big bowl of messes , what mess am i talking about you say ? . . . its a love thing. love is a great thing no doubt but right now i dont have the time for the "love and bullshit" that comes with it. Past lovers psh just bring drama with baggage along the way tho--- the love is strong its too much to handle / love is neva enough but thats a whole different long blog. nothing wrong with being kool friends i say when this thing called life & growing up can drift us away soon so why not make an effort to try and sustain something right? i really dont wanna get into the real facts in this whole blog but theres just so much i would like to say but choose to be the mature one and fight with the one thing i know best . . . keeping it all a mystery. put the pieces to the puzzle girl cause this is all your getting .

through out this pretty confusing week i'd like to thank my girls, my main girls / mariah-rah ,mimi millz and josy joss lol :) i dont where i woulda been without your wise words and for just being there with me all the way. i love ya's !

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm slacking on posts but lately ive been dealing with life & the shit that comes with it . right now im sticking to the go with the flow rate. srry that this post was blah-ish .

La Bella Lost

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