Anger problems !
Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fuck the depression shit , yup that's left the door now I'm feeling like
I need to punch every single human being that crosses my way in the
upmost out of line disrespect. Its like all the people who've said one
negative shit about me should come see me & hear about them selfs cause
I've had it. Here I am with a major headache & ready to trip the next
piece of dick that steps to me with nonsense. Normally I'm not like this
but I'm in titled to my bad days. I love the poisitive souls I call my
friends & followers on blogspot & just anyone who's frankly been REAL I
like real people/ REALEST rules. One thing runied my whole day no doubt.
Fakes, haters, wannabe, hypebeast, whoever broke my heart, liers, people
who use "I love you" as a way to keep someone(ahem like keep me) well
this negative post is for you. PEACE
Diana Vee. / dipped in sauce I floss

La Bella Lost

18 years of age, humble soul with divine skills and hard to read like graffiti. Fashion is my major & art is my life, creativity runs through my blood. Blogging to express my feelings & take on things, kicks major butt on problems and overcomes them with such grace. A badass with a sweetheart enjoy bellas!

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