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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Its 4 am & here I am just having the deepest emotional conversation in
awhile(tho I've been having these for a couple of weeks ) with my best
friend more like a sis mariah. One thing I love about her is that she
tells it like it is & she's one to say "truth hurts", she's pointed out
to me that I should move out this slump I've been in & just focus on me
& how to better myself & acheieve my goals *ahem* advice I also gave in
my blog "break-up tales" & damn if I give out the same advice I should
know to follow it right? But that's not the case, I'm just lost. I have
to admit I don't have the greatest confidence in the world & believe me
I'm trying to work on that but its super hard & espacially when everyone
thinks I hold myself together its like why show them my weakness. My bff
gave it to me str8 & that's why I love my bitch, she explained how hes
not gonna get me far through life & playing the guessingg love game is
getting pretty fuucking old, tho he says he loves me & always says but
never shows. YES I do feel like this is a big block on me, love has
taken over & broke me down & builded up this wall I'm trying to break
down. He blocked me frm really dedicating myself to my goals, & instead
of gaining confidence I've lost everything I known & now I'm a big ball
of insecurities & doubts which I'm trying to cut loose, also frm new
lovers in my life & not just this disfunctional, back & fourth, break-up
to make-up, hot mess, no good, no trust, relationship with an old love
which is the MAIN reason I feel I have low-self esteem. "be around
positive people who believe in you & your talent, cause you have major
talent so don't ever doubt it"-Mariah . I need to start believing in my
talents, me in gerenal, & believe that I can find WAY better because
honestly anything is better then what I have & deserve "tho the love is
strong, its too much to handle"-Diana V. / blahhh emotional blog entry.

La Bella Lost

18 years of age, humble soul with divine skills and hard to read like graffiti. Fashion is my major & art is my life, creativity runs through my blood. Blogging to express my feelings & take on things, kicks major butt on problems and overcomes them with such grace. A badass with a sweetheart enjoy bellas!

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