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Monday, September 28, 2009

i really wish i he was my BFF, lol we would have a grand ol time & i know i would be rolling with all his comments :)

idk why but this caught my eye

Rihanna & katy perry bff's :) love them both

Sunday, September 27, 2009

BOYS aint shit but hoes and tricks !

Kid cudi leaves twitter fans guessin'

"You gotta think of it like this, what did they do before there were
cell phone? Use a pay phone or write a letter. Or catch em at the crib.I
want to go back to old school day's when it was harder to reach people,
I think I want to take it back to that. Sometimes it just shouldn't be
that easy for you to get in contact with
"-kid cudi
Thats what he said people str8 frm the kids mouth. He felt over the
whole twitter thing & I believe it was a good choice for the hipster.

Fw: Who gets it tough ?
Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guys get whatever they want, we girls get it toughh.

1. Guys Only have to endure the trait of being, funny,charming,cute in
ther own way, & good dresser. While us girls have to have the same thing
but its just a longer list, like have pretty hair, look hot at all time,
be somewhat your arm candy, have a sense of humor all that knick

2. If girls tend to have an opinion, speak open minded about things Guys
believe that's away in being a man-hater & to independent, like no
"man". I'm not dumbing myself down.

3. Theyy know how to keep a lady holdingg on. Tho they don't want a girl
they just like having someone yearning there exisitence in the world. So
this guy keeps coming back frm time to time just to remind her heart
who's the one that's got her holding on.

4. Guys just fuck, girls make love :) lol

5. Girls have to wake up extra early to primp up when guys only need 15
mins ! Gosh

*So far that's all I can think of but be sure to see an update*

Personal matter
Monday, September 21, 2009

I love creating posts, I get more excited when posts are created about
me :) good or bad I'm still honored (thanks to my biggest fan :] ) cause
bad press is good press. One mistake & yes I admit it can not determine
the type of person I am. You don't know me & I don't know you, fine we
don't have to be best friends 4-eva but keep shit mature fo' I can have
respect for u as a person ! Tho Its hard to respect someone who smashes
me down on internet, but is nowhere to be found in the streets & only on
the net, punkish move? I think so :) cheriooo.

Monday, September 7, 2009

My best friend mariah is going through a hard time just like me, but her's is much deeper. This has helped me to suck it up & help her. My sister frm another mista :)

I came to a realization. . .

That when It comes down to it I really never had "love". I was in love
but to the wrong person who claimed the love but never really owned up
to it or showed it, what so ever. So I've been taking these steps (my
own steps) to get away from my past love & finally Move on, after 4
years of an unhealthy type of love:

1. Never feel like your obligated to hold on love or the person you
love, because if it was really meant to be faith can work its magic
sooner or later. Just give it time don't force any meet ups or sit
downs. Let everything come to you.

2. Cut off all ties, its really the only way. It Sucks but it has to be
done. Think of it this way if your "love" really wants to contact you
they would do anything to find you & not give up.

3. Don't spare your "love's" feelings over yours, sometimes you have to
do what's bests for you & sometimes their not the best thing for you.

4. Don't give in to there [guilt game], this game is used to turn the
tables on you & not the person your accusing. It messes with your head &
soon your just bag yourself for not truly saying what you wanted to in
the 1st place.

5. Days, weeks, Months, & years all help mend a broken place in your
heart. Its your time to heal there's never a time limit.

6. Don't give up on you, keep your self up & always dress to impress
cause no one can be the reason for your impeccable style, they where
just a push to go all out.

7. When things look up, don't go back down when your "love" comes back
in the picture. They shouldn't be the collaspe of your success.

8. Gifts shouldn't be thrown away just put under the bed & taken out
after a few months, that's what I feel.

9. Forget the good times, remember the bad. if there were more good
times then everything would of been different.

10. You can still love your love but sometimes "what's love got to do
with it" right ? You can still live your life the best of your abilities
with great friends & great people around you. Along this road you will
find happiness with either a new love or old if he is worthy for your
Diana Vee. / dipped in sauce I floss

Life post .
Friday, September 4, 2009

"Parties :/ can easly turn into life threatening situations. Smh tonight
was one of thoes sadly. Deep emotions on the whole thing :("- Diana V.

After a night of partyingg this one will never be forgotten anytime
soon but not for a good reason. All the rubish shit that happen was so
not needed , it turn from good fun to a scary one at that. Tho I've been
to many thhat ended like this, I've never witness the aftermathh of it
up close, this one really takes the cake. Even more worst is the person
you expect to help was just staring not saying a word to comfort me in
my state of mind which was scared shitless, but what can I expect from
someone whom lied to me about loving me. Stay safe everyone peace !
Diana Vee. / dipped in sauce I floss

Beauty in the breakdown ?
Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Breakdown is just a GREAT reason to bulid yourself up to be better,
stronger,& wiser which is the beauty of it since its a fresh new way to
start new. Tho right now I know it feels like there's no way to pick
yourself up but you really have no choice but to have to do it all your
own. The way I'm feeling is to runaway frm certain people, being mia is
the way to go & the route I'm taking. I wanna be away in order for some
things to be okay.

In midst of my breakdown, the reason never owned up to his mistake the
reason fo my sleepless days, crying nights, heartache for the 100th
time, endless fighting, bad attitude, sad mentality, sucky feeling,
harming myself, dreaming of a better life, doubting, judging my whole
person, feeling like a piece of shit, not worthy enough to be #1 because
I downgraded to #2 just to fit his needs. I'm having a breakdown on his
expense & there he is sitting without a care in the world Pshh player's
[Songs on play: Frou Frou-Let go, Sia-breathe me, & Keane-bad dream]
Diana Vee. / dipped in sauce I floss

La Bella Lost

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