Saturday, October 31, 2009

HAPPY HALLOWEEN , now lets get ready for all the different micheal
jeackson get up's, & the lady gaga ones !
- Dianavee

Infamous line
Friday, October 30, 2009

" ima let him be by himself in peace
but five years from now i bet he'll see
when the club gets played
the things you crave are no longer escapes
& no longing for dates
you want a wife, but no one has a cape
now you wondering "wait"
& i aint trying to hear what you wanting to say
it feels good to be over you, babe
so play this shit while you contemplate" *please note I've changed the
"her" part to "him" just to relate to a girls point of view .

Contemplate - wale ft rihanna
- Dianavee


"I'm fighting for my respect not for love nor a person ."
- Dianavee

Its just the way the game is played, just wait your turn
Thursday, October 29, 2009

This ends now . . . past mistakes is still being bought up but I don't
give in. Right now I have all I want & I'm happy with it, improving more
as the days go by.

Rihanna-russain roulette for about 20 more times on my ipod.
- Dianavee

Dear drama mama

I hate how things come down to this ! Like come on ? Blog backlash ?
Seriously. What I cant quiet fathom is this sudden insight on me, my
life, what I feel & what you think I "want". What did I do for the a
whole blog page deticated to ME & my troubles which you apparently have
no part of. Yeah your advice was cute and all but your facts aren't str8
you really don't know even if you try so hard you can't understand the
situation I was put in. This wasn't a one night thing its been going on
since we've met I don't chase guys that's not me cause that's the least
of my worries in life, but then again you don't know me your judgement
is far from the person I really am. As a respect I don't talk to him, &
moved on with my life just cause I don't rant around saying who I'm
speaking to doesn't mean I don't have anyone I choose to stay focused
cause my future is what it really comes down to me & that's what I want.
No not a guy, not love & not a fight cause just as you stated the past
is the past.
Not everyone can be just friends with there ex & oh I've tried the one
who pursued was "mr. Nice guy" hmph so you think he is. You don't know
the history, you don't know me, you think you know him, you don't know
anything that went on when you weren't in the picture there so much
beyound it & things that yeah haven't had that closure tho I tried
closing it he keeps opening it right back when he has the chance. I
shouldn't be one to blame cause it takes two not just one. Ever wondered
why he didn't say "lets stop" ? Its sad that it was me saying stop &
that it wasn't right. The one to have you in the back of there mind ?
Case & point is I don't want him & he was neva a priority. Maybe the
problem isn't me, just a case of insercurity of some sort which idk why
you have that :/ I shouldn't be put thru this drama cause I really don't
want this, all of this is really, how you say it POINTLESS. Its sad that
it has come down to this the whole blog to blog shit but w.e. If this is
the only way to communicate then so be it hun.

Love, the problem put down to rest [DianaV.]
- Dianavee

A lil Insight

Bro steven: Cheating should be a law !
Lil ol' me : your right it should & watch everyone who does it stop,

Its a brotha sista thang . :)
- Dianavee

Daily grind
Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Misson: sketch up to 20 designs for my portfolio. Can be done in 3
hrs. I have lots of ideas in my lil ol head & all the papers in my purse
have quick sketches I've did, just have to make them bigger. 2mm ill
just have to spice it up with color. Then submit my FIT application, but
my mind & heart is set on academy of art university :D ! College is
super hard idk how people do it.

Side note* - allie marque is a doll with the best advice she really
motivates me to do what I love. I adore that she has the time to speak
to me while I aimleasy ramble on about my own problems. She sits there
and writes me the most inspirational things, she is truly brilliant! -
thank you so much my california bella !
- Dianavee

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I really love the back to this dress and the pattern is just super duper dope. im not the best model but this the best i could do

Suga aint so sweet
Saturday, October 24, 2009

I try to see everyone as good people no doubt & try to block out
negative clouds. Sometimes thinking everyones good does have its defects
cause lets face it this world isn't so f*cking nice & the people well
you can't expect all to be a delight, I think of it as working with what
you got even if what you have is a bad attitude & a bad case of some
hater-ade aftermath.

I'm just saying...maybe believing some people are good off the bat is a
jugement on its own & I don't judge so Ill keep things monotone when
being introduced to someone new & not jump into plans. I give them a
hello followed by my life story, my strugles, my talents, my thoughts of
the world its self like I give too much trust & fast. I just have to
learn that some people aren't as nice & trustworthy to explains all my
thoughts, cause next day I would be hearing frm kid sitting behind me
that everything I talked to about with said person has been heared all
- Dianavee

Vote for me - if you go to my school
Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just had a senior meeting today & were voting for best dressed,
singer,smile, couple ect. Most people put me down for best dressed lol
so I decided to stick with it, so yeah vote for me :) if you go to my
school. It would be cool to win that cause after so many years of not
going by the school uniform rule & detentions I've recieved I really
might as well win this lol. I don't know but so far I've had a lot of
feedback & I've gotta more then 20 votes in the last hr. So I hope the
words spreads around quick :D
- Dianavee

so . . .
Tuesday, October 20, 2009

yeah were sisters :D

just one of my hair routines & my photo taking sister lol

the wait is ova: rated R

Rihanna is coming back with bang. today her new single "russain roulette" just released and he new album titled "rated R" will hit stores nov. 24. im super happy with her new single i feel it shows her improved singning through everything thats happen. the good the bad press w.e. the situation rihanna is bak with a new album and i know ill be sure to get it, what about you?

Negative sour patch.
Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sometimes the positive soul can't be positive 24/7. I've taken a time
out frm that & have reverted back to may depressed ways :/. What's a
life with just your job ? No friends ? Yeah that's how I see it.
Depression make me feel like yeah maybe if I'm sad I'll kick my self in
the ass to get my butt moving & thinking of ways how to better myself &
enhance my talent. Its just fair.
Make everything count! Make your depression into your slight break down
STARTER! Like make FML to Fashion's. My. Life. I'm just explaining how
I'm trying to deal with it & they only why is to remain creative, hensh
this post :). My creative juices have been in a certain pause but why
not make my tears into a great master piece. Somewhat finding a positive
to a disappointing negative, so just find something that can express a
lil steam but in the end become something beautiful frm the dreadful
reason you decided to do it at all. Diana off, srry I'm speaking 3rd
person some reason excuse.
- Dianavee

Memories in a photo
Friday, October 9, 2009

While looking through my old emails & pics on my camera I came acrossed
some that bought back memories good & bad. Ones with friends GOOD, but
ones that just gave me this impact was picutres with ahem* the factor
cough cough past lover, love lost left for good.
Thoes pic's where taken when happiness was KEY & love was in the
picture. You can see the love & I just think how all that just quickly
turn to HATE & resentment towards each other & others. Of course things
were left unsaid & questioned left un-answered. Thought the one that
matter most shoulda been treated good, at last that wasn't the case smh.
Pictures of the past, memories of it turned me to the newest memeber of
the female player. Now what's left is just pictures to burn.
- with love DianaV.

new blogg.
Thursday, October 8, 2009

ive made a new blog at tumblr , i decided to just test it out to see how i feel you compare the two but dont wrry if i decided to pick just one i will let everyone know. i appreciate the love i have here on blogger and will try to find time for both.


update* i think im ditching tumblr in a couple of days

Lust fo life.
Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I don't know how to appericate life sometimes just like most people. At
times I'm too tired to fo it & I miss out some days deacaded to my comfy
bed lol. It's like me life only consit of school,work, home to rest I
haven't chilled in for-eva :( sadly. This whole situation gets me upset
cause I'm one to live my life every sec cause I realize how fast I can
lose it. My lust fo life is huge & I'm trying to fit that in my whole
daily routin. I remember when parts of my life were so unperdictable & I
loved it, things where never planned it just happen. I love going with
the flow but sometimes you gotta spice the flow up cause sometimes its
boring. This is a total rant please excuse it.

"I gotta certain lust fo' life" - srry for the grammer mistakes but this
ones just a write & send blog

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Finally our prayers were answered ! HellzBellz is holding a sample
sell in the great big apple for us new yorkers and new jersey people.
After so much begging LOL I guess miss lawn thought it was time for us
to enjoy hellz! I can't explain how excited I just wanna jump up and
down :) well best to believe I'm attending this I WILL not miss out!
Let me know if you'll be going.

La Bella Lost

18 years of age, humble soul with divine skills and hard to read like graffiti. Fashion is my major & art is my life, creativity runs through my blood. Blogging to express my feelings & take on things, kicks major butt on problems and overcomes them with such grace. A badass with a sweetheart enjoy bellas!

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