Rihanna CD signing part DEUX.
Sunday, November 29, 2009

Earlier this week I told you guys I would post pics from the event i attended & as promised here you go :) ...Outside best buy after buying the cd which also had the DEFF JAM wrist band for the cd signing.This one was taken when we where waiting on line. lucky enough I was on this line which was the 1st line when there was about 5 others outside in the cold. & when I mean cold I mean SUPER COLD. If you look closely you'll spot out rihanna. Shes so beautiful & oh so sweet. You can tell shes so humble when i spoke to her. She wanted to have a convo with all of us (her fans) so when we went up she started up a convo. bonus: she loved my jacket & our convo consist of me calling her pretty & then she told me "awww you are pretty to I can tell you are beautiful inside & out"who knew if she told the truth or not but she had her adorable accent so idc :) lolThis one was taken when I was next on line. The security guards where telling everyone to put there cameras away when there where up next. They had no time for pictures since she ran on lil time. But I really didnt mind cause alas this is what i came out with....

The signed CD, believe me this is my 1st & last time doing this cause 13 hrs with a major body ache just convinced me to not do this again anytime soon. PEACE :)

note* If any pictures above used please cerdit. Do not pass them as your own, thank you.

"I lick the gun when i'm done, cuz i know that revenge is sweet!"
Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So much to post after this event
Monday, November 23, 2009

Just came back from Rihanna's cd signing & I'm super duper tired. About
14 hrs spent in NY to wait for rihanna to arrive. But alas I
accomplished my goals which where see in her in person (check), get her
autograph (check), speak to her (check). Bonus of it all is that she
complimented me :). Only thing that sucked was we couldn't take pics
with her since she ran late & that my body is aching !!! she's very
beautiful & flawless her eyes where shining everytime she said something
to me while I was admiring her :). but like I said I'm going to post
everything later.
- Dianavee

Rihanna CD signing / saga

Its 5 a.m. (FML) & I'm getting ready to go to NY to see rihanna :).
Going to her Rated R CD signing. Hopefully I get to take a pic with her
while she signs my CD. Ill post pics later if I get any . Peace
- Dianavee

"& the person who clams they couldn't careless is usually the one who cares the most"
Friday, November 20, 2009

who knew I had a huge impact in your life*

Girl talk.

Babydoll don't take me as your new hobby, there isn't an award for
hating so much. Slow your roll & live life with no worries :) hope that

simple thinking .
Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rihanna-stupid in love <3

" I hate back in the day joints, they usually are bad in the day relationships."

- me, myself & I [dianavelzz - diana v.]

"& the sweetest kiss off all time...the forehead, kiss I love thoes. They mean so much more then just a kiss on the lips. Too it means that they love you from head to toe. Everything that's you is what they adore"

- diana vee caught up on the things she says♥

Don't you hate when your nail polish starts cracking ?
Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Its like "fuck I have to start planning out my next color !" I hate that
- Dianavee

Artsy fartsy & then some

This was just a picture I drew for my health project. While I was
sketching real quick my partners where talking about weed, south park,
family guy, & strap on's lmao last topic was included by the teacher.
But I like what I came up with it really captures the whole depression
aspect that I was trying to create.

my two adorable pets :]

I ♥ the hills ! No matter what that's my daily fix

Oh & EFF Justin bobby .


Justin bieber is one sexy 15 year old, & I feel kinda wrong for thinking
he's a cutie. You know like he's still a kid, he's 2 years older then my
niece. talk about wrong haha to top it off she loves him.

A random moment brought to you by ♥Dianavee

Note to self.
Monday, November 16, 2009

"if it's the last time , I should at least have the right to know . This
questioning situation really doesn't apply when it comes to my feelings
. If things have to end please let me know cause I don't wanna be left
to think things that aren't true , I can't go on like the great
pretendor. Love is a tricky thing you neva know what you'll get in the
end either eternal bliss or just a bad miss. I just wanted to believe in
something true , I didn't want to fall in my face & again bring myself
up frm a major heartbreak. I just wanted someone to fight for me as if I
mattered & played a big part in there life ." - yours truly Diana V.

*note: I found this in my notes, I tend to write things when I feeling
some way. Writing usually lets theses feelings out. I like going back &
finding out writings :) cause its happy to know that what I've wrote
about, I completely healed from it & content with everything I have.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Russian Roulette" video

should I go back to that
Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is the picture thats making me rethink the whole "let my hair grown out" statement. This haircut was on of my favorites that ive done but I dont know why im not ready to go back to that. & the highlights whoa i miss them. My hair is not like this anymore saddly :( but one day i might go backk to this. Hopefully i make up my damn mind theres only so much a girl can do. i wanna find a haircut that screams edgy but not too much that ill end up looking a hot mess. this one was a edgy look but i got tried of the same style to the hair. idk

A grand award for rihanna

This post was a must after seeing rihanna in this dressed. she wears it so well & the dressed is beautifully made. Someone asked me today in school if i ever had a chance to ask rihanna a question what would it be. My response "so when do you wanna go shopping together" lol.

I wish things where back how they used to be.
Sunday, November 8, 2009

I have a huge pride, when feeling someone trying to break my pride down
I do get defensive. Slowly things have been getting to me. . .

Many attemps to push me down to a saddness I can't really explain
haven't been working, when its hard to knock me down. Usually all the
attemps have been words, or just emotional hurt.

Lately things have been just pilling on top of eachother & there's only
so much situations a girl like me can handle. I shrug a lot of things
off but lately it just seems like a lot on my shoulders.

I'm ready & willing to take a break from most things, FB & aim to start
off. Its like why have you knowing what I'm doing when you can text me &
ask ?! I don't bite I just wanna feel that I'm still included in your
life. But what really is doing the most damage is my thoughts it self,
they tend to slowly break me down more than anyone eles could. That
feeling I once had with me against the world has now turn to a weird one
with me vs. Myself.

Feeling like you've been left behind in some sort doesn't really help so
much. Friends & who really wants to remain that is the certain situation
I'm having a cross roads with. Tho I know I have solid friendships with
a couple there ones that I thought where solid that have been questioned
& slowly but surly turning to lost liquid.

I want to get away from a couple of things, get my mind back to place &
back to its positive side. Believe me things will get better.

Excuse this shity post. Blog is not towards anyone just a battle between
me & my mind.
- Dianavee

Just realize that I have more guy friends then girls
Friday, November 6, 2009

Sad but true. Its always been like this all my life since I can remember
not cause I never got along with girl just that where close one year
then the next I have to learn them all over again. Lately my girl talks
have been going to my guy friends cause I've lost touch with everyone I
feel where slowly difting away :( I know senior year means changes but
this was one I wanted to never go away. My homies advice:

"Fuck it, go out & party ! " lmfao

Kid cudi yeah I understand this kid now & lately his lyrics just speak
to me.

Britney Spears ''3'' Official 3 Music Video HQ
Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Before there was ever a rihanna in my life i was a REALLY BIG FAN of britney spears ever since her "baby one more time" days lol. Im still a big fan my goal before college is to go to one of her concerts its a dream of mine. I remember when i made my dad run out and buy me my britney spears cd's lol. Now i just do that all myself haha & im a proud owner of all her cd's. Shes just so cute who wouldnt fall in love with her stuff. "britney spears changed my life" lmao my friends always said that towards me cause i got offended when people talked mad smack about her so eff off brinteys a GEE. peace !

Rihanna glamour shoot

"Starstrukk" Music Video

Rihanna- Wait You Turn (The wait is over) (new video)

Rihanna's new sound is hella dark now, she has taken a big turn from the "pon the replay" days but im extactic thats shes come back with a great new sound. This video shows her new style with paris couture & street punk look i indeed love it, rihannas style is still dope but she taken it up a level. With this new attituded that i see from her i can see the album will be raw & of course everyone will think all songs for chris brown. I think rihanna is a strong woman for going through what she did cause how would a girl do it with millions of cameras, news reporters, & media all up in your bizness in tough times. she has cope well but no one knows behind close doors therefore i admire her as a person and an artist.

tik tok-Kesha ft P.Diddy

back in time
Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back then when my style was zero to none. I remember when I used be so determine to match every lil thing. My creative juices were about to explode cause in this time period i really had no clue what was my style what was truly me! thus i grew up & borden my horizons now my style varies but i know what i like. now alomost close to 18 & i look back at how've much i've changed inside & out. freshmen year 06-07



Oh starbucks how am I craving you !!! Lol hope steven brings me some
free starbucks stuff thank goodness he works there !
- Dianavee

La Bella Lost

18 years of age, humble soul with divine skills and hard to read like graffiti. Fashion is my major & art is my life, creativity runs through my blood. Blogging to express my feelings & take on things, kicks major butt on problems and overcomes them with such grace. A badass with a sweetheart enjoy bellas!

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