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Thursday, January 14, 2010

This very horrible event that took place in haiti just makes my heart
really overwhlemed with sadness. With the pictures that come up on the
internet & news, I just can't stop & think about all the families
members people have lost. As I see people doing all they can to help out
in any way shape or form I'm happy people understand what's going on. I
know I'm doing my part donoating whenever I can & I do encourage any
help for thoes in haiti. I know I don't have family members out there or
in any way effected by this but what I do know is I have a heart &
feelings, my sensitive side has been shining these pass days. Please
contribute in this tuff time, any help can play a big part & my players
go out to everyone.

With MUCH love, diana vee.

La Bella Lost

18 years of age, humble soul with divine skills and hard to read like graffiti. Fashion is my major & art is my life, creativity runs through my blood. Blogging to express my feelings & take on things, kicks major butt on problems and overcomes them with such grace. A badass with a sweetheart enjoy bellas!

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