& I got a lil crush on you.
Friday, January 8, 2010

With this year I kinda this promise my self to open up more to new love
interest cause last year I completely blocked any type of new love. & I
admit thoes were all my faults. Me having an eye on someone is so new
that I even surpised myself ! Just the only thing that's stopping me to
keep going with this feeling is the feeling of rejection & getting hurt
on top of the hurt I've learn to deal with perviously. But all the
signs of a crush has come to play on my part & this new boy too. It
really works out well if we tried to pursue eachother more since our
families do know eachother very well so I wouldn't have to worry about
them approving I guess, but I'm going to far ! Lol he's someone I've
always saw but didn't pay mind cause I had my other problems through out
high school.
This is not the only crush I have at the moment tho, just one that's
actually looks like its going somewhere, cause with all the talks we
have show a great sign of being interested in one another. Just my part
of not trusting & my damaged relationships stop me from it cause I don't
wanna go through my ups & downs anytime soon or ever again but I
understand this is what life gives you, a great amount of love &
sometimes love that is lost.

My take on a lil crush I'm having at the moment :) , these lil love
songs just add on why I created this post
I'm out doll's !, with love, DianaV.

La Bella Lost

18 years of age, humble soul with divine skills and hard to read like graffiti. Fashion is my major & art is my life, creativity runs through my blood. Blogging to express my feelings & take on things, kicks major butt on problems and overcomes them with such grace. A badass with a sweetheart enjoy bellas!

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