Dan Black Feat. kid cudi - symphonies(remix)
Sunday, February 28, 2010

Digging this track lots, any track with cudi for me is an all time fave. His style is just very mellow and thats why i enjoy him so much. My music taste varies, i dont stick to one genre from old to new im fond with all types. Plus newly tv addiction - how to make in america !

double trouble .
Saturday, February 27, 2010

We all have a lil bit of 2 face in us, different personalities for different situations. Difference is theres the good 2 face then the BADDDDDD 2 face and no way shape or form do we want to have that trait. My 2 face is the shy girl with the crazy girl I behave with shy and I act on crazy - two traits that work with me rather than against me. I know when to turn off and the other on when it has to be. The bad 2 face creates problematic events just for entertainment purposes and thoes are the ones you avoid cause obviously they have a couple screws loose.
My fact of the day , Diana V.

Out of the blue

smile saturdays ! a past pic with my faux (fake) short hair inspired by you guessed it rihanna :)
how to attain this look:

1) take you hair to one side which ever one you like (layers on hair work really well with this)

2) pick up your long layers and quickly put them into a bun cause at the moment we will be working with the short layers and sidebangs.

3) take the side that doesnt have your side bangs and slick it back really tight (it gives that shaved sidehead feel that rihanna has)

4) then tease your short layers and side bangs to give some volume, then pick up the short layers and clip it.
5) take the long layers and create it into a bun (since my hairs medium length the bun i had was really small, longer hair would have a bigger bun.) and dont forget to slick the other side while doing the bun
6) unclip the short layers and volia ! the short layers create a nice short hair look while you longer parts of your hair is hidden somewhat.

and there you have it a quick way to have a new style without the actual cut. Just pure fun, I had lots of people come up and say that my new haircut was cute till i turn and showed them my bun lol but since i had so many people asked me how I did this I decided to post it as a how to ENJOY EVERYONE.

Outfit post duex
Sunday, February 21, 2010

Over the weekend I headed over the city to go and take a test at one of my colleges, this gave me a great excuse to stay in New York the whole day. After the testing was over me and my biffle cathie walked around like crazy. The transit taking was another story, gotta get used to the whole trains for when I start school over in NY. We traveled to WTC, Franklin st., cannal, and 33rd it was a good day for a shopping spree with my shinning debit card lol. Alas my whole style choice for that day was rocker chic with a hint of girly pieces.

purple scarf belongs to my mommy dearest which she bought in ecuador this past summer.

This aint a shoulder with a chip or an ego, so why'd you think they all mad at me for?
Thursday, February 18, 2010

I flick the chip off, my ego is humble I don't know why others hate the steez I attain. Don't live for others live for your own.
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HellzBellz x A.McQueen
Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In honor of Alexander McQueen the wonderful people of the Hellz crew have designed a shirt solely for all supporters, admirers, and fans. What better way to remember McQueen than on the one thing he loved most - Clothes. The tee is just a lil piece that show cases him in a sense with him being gone but still remembering him for the master pieces he has created. Some outrageous and a bit risky, his clothes did speak and inspire others. My opinion, this shirt does fit both hellz style tee's and Alexander which makes it work well for both sides.
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What I got, got, got is what she want, want, want.

Soaked up the moment to its finest - hellz yeah. Cuss ya heart dear (haters)
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How to deal on valentine's day as a single gal.
Sunday, February 14, 2010

Being single on valentines is a hard thing to deal with. Everything reminding you why love is an importance to you and why your still looking. Valentines day may seem much more like hype to you as it does to me. What some people don't understand is that just cause were single doesn't mean we haven't been asked that million dollar question that day "wanna be my valentine?". Just like me I didn't take up on these offers, my reason is because I'm actually looking for something long term than just a now type thing. I don't wanna tease myself of something I don't have, like a relationship.
So what should you do on this day ? How do you deal with it in a positive way? The don'ts and do's, Here's my list

-don't be down or put down by anyone, its like "don't burst my bubble and I won't burst your's".

-take this day as "one day I'll have this", your motivation not your fall.

-love movies is not recommended, they'll just put you in a sad place.

-go out do something, get a group of gals/guys and just relax take this day as another day.

-don't be misses grinch of valentines day's being bitter doesn't bring positive events.

-nothing wrong with treating your self with some sweets, we all have a sweet tooth ladies!

-don't let this day kill your hopes of finding love just know this year wasn't your time there's always next time.

If you take this day as the mature woman you are then all will be fine. This day will feel like any other day and you could just move on with no bitter attitude once so ever. Grab some gummy bears and enjoy the day :)
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oh joy :)

My beautiful follower Tiffany G. awarded me with this "best blog award" and I appriciate it very much! This blog is created with all my likes, dislikes, my take on this and just my everyday life of high school drama. Being a senior I have matured in so many ways and wanted to express myself in anyway I could so blogging really helped me release all my feelings and continues to do so. I didnt think I would have as many followers I have now cause I didnt think this blog would be a hit. I'm so exited and I hope everyone keeps enjoying all the post cause all post created are for you guys in mind :).
The rules: If you are nominated you are to pass this award to 6 other blogs that you have recently discovered. With that in mind i picked my 6 :):
I know tiff has been nominated for this already but i really enjoy her blog :)http://www.flyyshionista.blogspot.com/
if you want great writings go on to my best friends destiny's blog!
allie marque is a big inspiration to lil women with achieving big dreams, she's very talented and gives us all aspiring fashion designs a great name.
tho she hasnt been on for awhile i do hope she comes back shes such a doll!
hella badass, hella real, hellz yeah lol i love this blog and abbi !
her make up skills are dope !

come here rude boyyyy boy boy...
Wednesday, February 10, 2010

crisp :)

*****im so excited with the blog award tiff has given me :) next entry will have more about this sweet award & my top 6 :).

Polyvore fun, fun, FUN !
Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ive had my polyvore for sometime now, & after a LONNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG haitus i'm finally back :), for thoes who dont know what this is...this is a site for well basically styling what you would put together. here are some pieces ive done hope you like.
back then . . . this pic was back in 10th grade lol when i was all about streetwear.
back then . . . by Diana Vee featuring Dsquared2 jeans

whos edgy? you are :)

all hale rihanna
all hale rihanna by Diana Vee featuring Alexander Wang tops

not so simple thang.

It was your smile it was your style that had me gone from the jump. It was your name it was your sign that made want to run. - Christina Milian ft the dream-Welcome to vegas

Formspring ?
Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm still debating on this. Wanted to get one before it got all hype, now im not sure if i want it all that much. It's a easy way for people to hate on you behind a comupter screen and ask you questions. This is a bitter sweet thing that im even unsure of.

* BTW Dear John was a GREAT movie, I cried like a lil girl along with all the peoples in the movie theaters, lol.

A lil piece of heaven, Alexander wang!

Alexander Wang Denim and Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket

I've been a big fan of this jacket when I 1st saw rihana wear it, then saw lindsey rock it a few times. This jacket has a great combination of both denim and leather that is really had match without it being to up on your face. Alexander wang has great pieces that I adore all there jackets just like cloths all compliment each other.
Tho this jacket speaks to me, its out of my price range. The 1st time it was priced around 2,000 but has gone down to around 1,800 not much of a change but its a lil something. I'm sure you could fine a good one for around 1,000 but anything lower may be impossible(I tried). I yearn this alexander wang piece!

My life lessons .
Friday, February 5, 2010

People who criticize are usually the ones who've made more mistakes.
That's their form of feeling better about themselves, lashing & pointing
out on everyones imperfections.
- xoxo DianaVee

DAMN bitches. . .
Monday, February 1, 2010

Talk so much crap it sickens me. Its funny how even though I'm not in
the room, I end up finding out all the shit people (girls) say about me.
Then the next min. there all up on my steez saying hello! Aint that some
shit. This is one of the many reasons why I wanna leave high school.
Confused skeeza's .
- dianaV.

La Bella Lost

18 years of age, humble soul with divine skills and hard to read like graffiti. Fashion is my major & art is my life, creativity runs through my blood. Blogging to express my feelings & take on things, kicks major butt on problems and overcomes them with such grace. A badass with a sweetheart enjoy bellas!

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