How to deal on valentine's day as a single gal.
Sunday, February 14, 2010

Being single on valentines is a hard thing to deal with. Everything reminding you why love is an importance to you and why your still looking. Valentines day may seem much more like hype to you as it does to me. What some people don't understand is that just cause were single doesn't mean we haven't been asked that million dollar question that day "wanna be my valentine?". Just like me I didn't take up on these offers, my reason is because I'm actually looking for something long term than just a now type thing. I don't wanna tease myself of something I don't have, like a relationship.
So what should you do on this day ? How do you deal with it in a positive way? The don'ts and do's, Here's my list

-don't be down or put down by anyone, its like "don't burst my bubble and I won't burst your's".

-take this day as "one day I'll have this", your motivation not your fall.

-love movies is not recommended, they'll just put you in a sad place.

-go out do something, get a group of gals/guys and just relax take this day as another day.

-don't be misses grinch of valentines day's being bitter doesn't bring positive events.

-nothing wrong with treating your self with some sweets, we all have a sweet tooth ladies!

-don't let this day kill your hopes of finding love just know this year wasn't your time there's always next time.

If you take this day as the mature woman you are then all will be fine. This day will feel like any other day and you could just move on with no bitter attitude once so ever. Grab some gummy bears and enjoy the day :)
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