Aint gon' tie me down.
Sunday, March 21, 2010

I don't get it, I find it so hard to be in a relationship I can't have someone on me 24/7 cause even in a relationship I've acted like a free bird. If a guy tied me down then he would have to be the most amazing man in the world cause its hard to catch my attention. I haven't met anyone as picky as myself, I can have the most good looking guy trying to "holla" but if I don't like his attitude or just anything I point out I decide to keep them as friends and break it to them gently. My other reasons is my whole thing with trust and how I think every guy I meet and kicks it to me wants to "hit it and quit it" when in all reality if they kicking it to me they won't be "hitting it" or "quiting it" for a long time lol.
My thing is I could be talking to a guy for awhile and not be official cause it takes me awhile to call you my boyfriend cause I'll have be sure that I know your background with other chicks and if I can plain out trust you, if not then there would never be an "US". I won't move on to the next one I'll just wait for the next one simple as that cause I'm young and this is the time in my life that at my age ill be meeting so many guys that'll walk in and out of my life doesn't mean I should be titling them all my boyfriends.
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La Bella Lost

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