exit day. :)
Tuesday, June 29, 2010

peep me with my stripes lol
so high school ends tommrow and i have to admit im a tad bit scared. i start college july 12th talk about jump start ! but only have 2 days of class and ill be working july 1st so im gonna be one busy ladyy. graduation is a day away and it's starting to hit me, im usually not a sensitive person and never cry much but tommrow imma be crying like a big baby ! class of 2010!

lets play a lovegameeee....
Thursday, June 24, 2010

I've learn a couple of things this year and one of them would have to be how you play the game, what kinda game you ask? the LOVE game. tho i've kept these situations on the hush im letting some out.

Im single this you've all already known and the single life is a fun one i have to admit but all these games ? very very emotionally draining. Ive met a handful amount of people which is a plus also another plus was the new guys ive met. Going with the flow has always been something i go by cause i find unplanned things are far more enjoyable than those planned, but the way people play the game of attracting someone to them is very structured and takes steps. This i find very game like, like plays being planned out on the basketball court and how to make the winning score. When did love become a sport, when did it become something that was just a winning score, something to brag about, something to gain rep or some sort of respect? im pretty much confused. guys use lines and techniques that can either make a girl wanna stay and play or run away, regardless they'll always move on to the next one cause you have to keep it moving.

i could tell which guys use the whole "love game" technique on me and its funny to me because most of them soup them selves up. they think that im actually hanging on every word they say, when in all reality i just take it in and analyze it and do my share of love game techniques cause the reaction they want is the naive one and that certainly does not go right with me. You will never get my emotions to pour out cause than you would just have the upper hand and im not trying to have that. If you show your weak and believe the words of the "game" you completely are down to square one while mr.spit that ishh is happy he got you to be his number 5. you gotta know the process, the steps, and the traps that get you. but be fully aware fellas it aint working and i see you baby, do your thang cause im surly doing the same after all this is a game. Enjoy the moments play it right and don't get caught up with the fella playing the love game, peace and love.

Diana v. - its been awhile sweet cheeks

Monday, June 21, 2010

this has been on repeat for the couple of days :)

Find your love
Monday, June 14, 2010

"too many times ive been wrong, i guess being right takes too long. im done waiting there nothing else to do but give all i have to you and i better find your lovin' i better find your heart.."-drake ; find you love (inspired song for this post)

Finding my love is not a mandatory mission, its nothing that would complete me but is something that would compliment. I just want something I could run to when everythi
ng seems to not be going right or when that lil dark grey cloud over my head likes me a lil too much, something so simple as a smile or a joke to lighten my day but not just from anyone but from him, the love im trying to find. Although this has been very hard i havent lost any hope. With many misses and not many gains i do have faith that im getting close. My heartbreak was deep i admit and ohh how ive grow to admit it, but with that heartbreak i promised myself never to get to close to someone to feel that again which made me the heartbreaker to some guys ive ran into these past months and again i apologize for my mixed feeling and my sudden lack of interest boys it was either your background checks playa or just your failure of going with the flow----"you coulda been the one but it wasn't that serious" -drake.

I cant wait for the day to come when i truly have found something to come close to it because all the wondering and my curiousness could finally be at ease. I deserve it i know i do even though others may disagree i know there wrong, there not in my shoes they just judge on past mistakes and not so smart decisions. I may not be in the best shape to start something meaningful since ive never was expose to it but im trying to find someone who would convince me to just break down the walls ive built these past years, well most of my teen years. Even with the high and the lows that come with being in love i wanna go through it i wanna have some sort of knowledge towards it and not always be that independent chick, cause even a successful lady needs someone to hold her down in the end. We were created with love so we might as well give and receive it.

define, life ...
Saturday, June 12, 2010

alrighty then lol

Mac lovin'
Thursday, June 10, 2010

one step of realization that high school is over and college is just around the corner. call me a moment type of girl but moments is what i live for.

The summer nights have brought me light, giving me a feeling that is just right!
Friday, June 4, 2010

PARTTYY every night, party everyday, i just dont stop cant aint no one stopping me lol :)

La Bella Lost

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