As cheesy as it may sound, class of 2010
Monday, July 12, 2010

This may be another sappy post and post of emotion or some sort of snooze, but this is my heart and soul written in this tiny lil section of a blog post so here it goes ...

Its the year 2010 and I'm graduating, the moment I've dreamn't about since 8th grade has finally arrived. A moment I expected to just be a in and out type of feeling has become a bitter sweet one. its a chapter ending and a beginning of new one, sadly I have to leave my early teenage years behind and just look to them as memories. Its a different feeling to know that those years are now the past and not present. There's so much feeling to express on this that I doubt every signal feeling will be known cause there wouldn't be a simple way to put it.

I've loved the good times we've had and lots of bad we still managed to created this lil family bond(look at me going all jersey shore final episode on you guys) I know you'll guys never forget our freshmen year when we over packed the school and we were the largest freshmen class. All the scary violent fights where something we got used to and I don't think anyone could relate with it, only us. With a school that holds 2,000 students we all came across each other at a period in time even for a second it still had an impacted.

For get about the problems we may have its time to actually come together and soak in the fact that we actually became adults today and we shouldn't act like high school children.

I think I had my moment, the moment of crying of sadness, my moment of just steping back and looking at our final moments, the moment were we all for once set aside some beef to enjoy this our graduation. Class of 2010 lots of downs but beautiful up's I wish everyone well and maybe one day we come across each other with our success.

(Post was written on june 30, never came across to post it until now)
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