Top 10 rules to college life success
Monday, July 12, 2010

  1. Be a socialite, work your attitude and go ahead go out there and make some friends thats your insider to many different options of parties going on around you.
  2. Parrrrrttttyyyy like theres no tomorrow, i advise to keep a watch in handy cause you'll lose track of time. Keep in mind that even the weekdays become your weekends.
  3. put your drinks up-if your gonna drink.....who am i kidding your gonna drink and if so go ahead with your bad bitch self but i repeat keep it classy not trashy. You dont wanna let loose TOO much that you forget most of the night or do something you might regret.
  4. If you wanna get trashed remember the buddy system never gets old, and im pretty sure one of your bff's wouldn't mind checking up on you :)
  5. Never forget the studies, parties maybe the only thing on your mind but remember if you dont pass a class thats money out your ass. theres time for some fun but theres also time to buckle down and get your geek on.
  6. lack of sleep ? no problem you have lots of coffee and energy drinks out there to keep you going for about 2 classes.
  7. single + mingle=college, now where does cuffin' fit in this equation ? yeah you guessed it no where.
  8. if you are cuffin' or in a relationship with someone he/she better be with your hectic life
  9. leave the drama for your mama' kay bitoch.
  10. network your ass off, who knows when it can benefit either one of you's

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