everything happens for a reason, Dating chronicles part 1
Sunday, August 29, 2010

This change with summer leaving and fall coming is really getting to me. Maybe im being emotional cause i do need to vent but with summer in affect ive let loose and really opened up to people and i normally shut people off before they can know me. Idk what made it different this year, i have no idea what made me change. I look back on how i used to be and it far from the girl i am now, which is lots of improvement.
This summer has brought me summer loves but ive ended them cause plain and simple I was scared of any kind of commitment or they were not in it for right reasons. Im happy i decided to try the dating scene again since its been a year that i haven't, simply cause i wasn't ready, i wanted to try and love myself before i could ever love someone else its a given. Its not that i hated myself but i was just filled with lots of insecurity and now i can truly say back then i was at 30% confident with myself and now im like at a 85%, ive improved a lot and i really learned about myself more. I try to block everyones notion of me whether good or bad i wanted to work on me for me, not for anyones liking. Back on the dating scene was interesting, dinner dates, movie dates or just simple walk around the park/pier was sweet and just helped me learn about what i like and what i didnt. Some of them were misses and one of them were a hit but to bad the "hit" is leaving off to college so im back at square one, great experience tho. I like to hold my freedom because it keeps me focused on my future goals i don't want distractions. Maybe thats why i dont try to label anything because it just brings trouble in the mix. One great quilty i have is being able to deal with mysef when i feel depressed i know i could bring myself up from a fall, im greatful im not one of those people who have to be with someone in order to feel worthy or good enough for the world, there dependent of others rather than indepent.
Ive only been in one relationship and this relationship wasnt one of your tridtional ones which made the process even harder, but thankfully that ended and it made me come out stronger and have a better outlook on it. Ive improved myself better this includes my over all look and mindset. So when im on dates i could tell if there in it for some wrong reason or for something real, guys play games ive been aware and able to tell between the players and the non ones. You always have to go in it with an open mind and not just focus on one type. do expect another date post :) other than that enjoy your day bloggers

with love dianav.

i want these!!!
Saturday, August 21, 2010

this really explains my style, i love black,studds,lace,and leather i also like to mix that in with my other loves, color, rinestones, flower prints, and spandex it makes the hard look a bit softer and pretty which explains me. im a very sweet person with rebelish acts and my style really explains my attitude.

time for an update, gibber gabber.
Wednesday, August 18, 2010

hey new followers and hello to the old , im sooooo sorry for the m.i.a. bit ive been doing but there is a reason. School has really kept me busy and i find myself having no time but don't worry theres only 5 weeks left till my vacation. Summer has been really going great ive been doing the balancing act, partying on the weekends and strictly school work the weekdays. Ive met a handful of people along the way and im so grateful tho this summer could of been better i still loved it cause now that im a bit older my parents have been less strict on me and ive gotten to make up for past summers. So far every-things fine but i must admit ive been in depress mode 2 weeks ago still kinda am but hey i learn how to manage i always keep my head up cause things will look up sooner than later.

ill be back i promise but until than enjoy the lil left of summer love you all :)


"Can't tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it feels like."
Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tweet tweet*
Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So here it goes after a long wait I finally created my twitter account, if I don't enjoy it much I might delete but here it goes www.twitter.com/hushdahype do what you please baby cakes
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new idea

sorry about the lack of post but ill be back i just decided to take a break until school work dies down but until than ill leave with this lil new idea, twitter ? should i start one ? leave the comments on the cbox (left side) :)

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